CM Series Lifters

Built in spirit level
Built in spirit level
CM 340 / 520 Hand Controller
CM 340 / 520 Hand Controller
CM340 / 520 Battery Drill Operated
CM340 / 520 Battery Drill Operated
CM 340 / 520 Emergency Stop
CM 340 / 520 Emergency Stop


The CM-340 is the most compact electric lifter in its class. It quickly and easily turns a 3 person lifting job into a single person job giving your company an edge over its competitors.

Adjustable legs enable the CM-340 to work on uneven surfaces and fold compactly.

The CM340 can lift a maximum weight of 130kg and can lift to a height of 3.3 meters.

The CM340 is ideal for domestic and smaller commercial operators. Most smaller organisations begin with a CM340 as it covers a majority of needs. If work demands increase or the work requires, a CM520 is purchased as the second unit.

Key Features

  • Constructed with heat treated, robust aluminum - compact, safe and reliable.

  • Telescoping mast

  • No tools required to setup the lift - simply undfold, setup and operated within 60 seconds.

  • Single Person setup.

  • 4 Legs stabilise the lifter. Each leg has variable, independant adjustment for uneven ground - such as stairways. One leg is indepenant so you can operate adjacent to a wall.

  • Controller with variable speed switch.

  • Variable speed controller enables soft start with fine adjustment for operating height.

  • Emergency Stop Button.

  • Manual override: In case of power failure or sites with no power operate manually with supplied handle or cordless drill and 17mm socket.

  • Automatic Overload clutch: Prevents apprentices overloading the lifter.

  • Level included - Assists alinging the mast vertically with the adjustable legs.

  • Platform standard - for air conditioners, awnings, garage doors etc. Optional extesion arms available.

  • Highly Portable, the compact design folds, making it easy for one person to carry the lifter to/from job.

  • Easily transported in van, car or utility.

  • Optional Wheel Kit available.