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Wienold Lifte

Up to 900 kg payload with 3 drive concepts.

The Wienold GML800 + combines the best of our own developments: it delivers payloads up to 900 kg, offers three mast drive concepts and supplies energy for electrical attachments. 

The GML800 + offers you the choice of three mast drive concepts: 

AC:   220V 
DC:   24V 
M:    3 Speed Gearbox  (additional gear box for operation with cordless battery drill / 240v electric drill) 

In the AC and DC electric models the mast drive is powered by a powerful electric cable with cable remote control. The winch at the highest and lowest point automatically switch off. The control unit is designed in such a way that it can supply all electrical components of our range, such as suction cups and crane booms, with power.  

With the manual version GML800 + / M, an additional 3-speed gearbox allows the mast pack to be operated with a cordless drill or 240v drill. Furthermore, the long jibs can also be mounted forward in the manual model.

Durability: Chassis made of strong steel construction. Mast system with specially developed aluminium profile. Optimised mast running characteristics through specially designed and generously sized pulleys made of hardened steel. Thick steel cable with double safety brake and slack rope cut-off and many more features.

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